Founder & Managing Director

Retired higher Secondary Teacher worked as a Teacher about 35 years in Tamilnadu Government Service. Who is very much interested in several social Services and welfare of public and School development activities.   Mr.Thangaraj conducted many Awareness camps, Rally, Training Programme, Social Services, Educational Services and Environment Awareness program which are the vital role for People in Tamilnadu. He also voluntarily involved in National Services too.  Due to more interests in these activities, he started this Trust named EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS SOCIAL SERVICE TRUST.  

Born on 10.06.1956 at Kallimanthayam a small village at Ottanchathram Taluk in Dindukal District in an Agricultural labor family as only son studying in the same village from 1st class to 8th class, then studied 9th  and 10th  class at Tutly High School in Dindukal. He was unable to continue his higher studies due to poverty, so he worked as a clerk in Animal Husbandry Department as well as in Postal Department too.

Then Mr.Thangaraj sir did training in Dindugal during the period from 1976  to 1979 in a recognized private Industrial Training School as a trainee. After that, he completed Teacher Training during 1979 to 1981 at Dindivanam Saint Susiappar Teacher Training Institute.

Started his Teaching career on 01.07.1981 and worked in Pasumalai Industrial training school itself for 5 years at Madurai. After that, he joined on 08.07.1986 as a Teacher in “Agaram” village high school in Dindukal District, continued his career till 22-07-1999. During his service as a teacher, he involved in social activities too.

Due to my family circumstances, he got transferred to Govt Boys Higher Secondary School Sathyamangalam Taluk, Erode District on 23.07.1999. During this period he did several social activities which earned him the great reputation among public and officials.

Awareness camp conducted :

  1. Awareness programme and camp for First Aid
  2. Awareness programme and camp for Road Safety
  3. Awareness programme and camp for Fore Protection
  4. Awareness programme and camp for Dental
  5. Awareness programme and camp for Siddha Medicine
  6. Awareness programme and camp for Skin Problems
  7. Awareness programme and camp for HIV
  8. Awareness programme and camp for NSS
  9. Awareness programme and camp for National Integration


Social Services :

  1. Actively participated Leprosy control camp with the J.R.C. students.
  2. Helped and rendered hospitality towards the children of orphanage
  3. Cleaning work done in government Hospitals and also Bannari Mariamman Temples at Bannari situated near Sathyamangalam, Erode District.
  4. Cleaning the School campus and make smart the school area.
  5. Planting Saplings in and around school vacant area and distributed plants to the students to plant the trees in their houses.
  6. Encouraged main water harvesting among students and public.
  7. Helped lot to the physically disabled people and finding their urgent requirements.
  8. Books, Uniforms and Sticks etc given to the needy poor children in tree of costs.


Training  Programme:

  1. National Scheme for in service training of School teachers – Govt of Tamilnadu During Period : 04/08/1989 – 13/08/1989
  2. Centre for cultural resources and training – Udaipur during period Govt of Udaipur period : 20/07/1992 – 30/07/1992
  3. Tamilnadu Employment and Training – Erode During Period
  4. Orientation Training and CCE – Perundurai Conduct – Perundurai Tiet
  5. Family new service district focal resence training workshop – Ooty period 12/04/2008 – 14/04/2008
  6. Dissemination of Red Cross principals and International Humenrationa Law Training During Period – 1977 june 16>17 – Dindigul.
  7. IInd Disaster prepare endness Capacity building workshop During Period – 13////03/2008 to 15/03/2008 Ramanathapuram.


  Awareness Rally :

  1. Rally conducted for Rain water Harvesting
  2. Rally conducted for Environmental and Pollution control
  3. Rally conducted for Abolition of Plastic uses
  4. Rally conducted for Tobacco and toxic items used by the people and students
  5. Rally conducted for Inportance of Siddha Medicines
  6. Rally conducted for Skin Problems
  7. Rally conducted for HIV effects.
  8. Rally conducted for NSS Camp
  9. Rally conducted for National Integration Programme
  10. Rally conducted for Voter’s Day
  11. Rally conducted for Physically Disabled persons education and their lifes.

National Service :

  1. Voters day celebrations.
  2. Training given to the teachers about Election work.
  3. Distribution of voters ID Card with the help of Revenue Department.
  4. Training class for teachers.
  5. Census work (Population)
  6. Statistics of the caste and economics.


Certificate Given to me by the Higher Authority:

  1. Certificate Given By “Rotary Club Of Sathyamangalam” – 07/03/2008
  2. Certificate Given By “Lions Club Of Sathyamangalam”
  3. Certificate Given By “Joint Director Of Health Service” – 23/07/2008
  4. Certificate Given By “District Forest Officer – Sathyamangalam
  5. Certificate Given By “Erode District Supply Officer – Erode.
  6. Certificate Given By “Municipal Chairman, Sathyamangalam.
  7. Certificate Given By “Govt Chief Doctor – Sathyamangalam, GH Sathy.
  8. Certificate Given By “Krishi Vigyan Kendra- Agricultural Science Centre – Madurai – 01/03/1994
  9. Certificate Given By “Y’s Men International – South Indian Region” For “Role Model Social Worker With Par Excellence” – 22/07/2008
  10. Certificate Given By “Sathyamangalam Tahsildar” – 15/09/2014
  11. Certificate Given By “ Indian Red Cross Society – Erode” – 31/12/2014
  12. Certificate Given By “Y’s Men Club – Gobichettipalayam” 31/12/2014
  13. Certificate Given By “ Surya Engineering College – Erode” – 12/02/2011
  14. Certificate Given By “Sathyamangalam Consumer Protection Council” – 16/09/2013
  15. Certificate Given By “Parents –Teachers Association , Sathyamangalam G.B.H.S.School – 07/05/2011
  16. Certificate Given By “Sundaram Chettiar Govt School Kembenaickenpalayam Hm For “Best Teacher” – 25/09/2014.
  17. Certificate Given By “Parents –Teachers Association In “B.Sundaram Chettiar Govt Higher Sec School” Kembenaickenpalayam
  18. Certificate Given By Thasaripalayam 2- Nd Ward Member – 25/09/2014.
  19. Certificate Given By “Kembenaickenpalayam Municipality Officer” – 25/09/2014.


Aims and objectives and vision of the Education, Environment awareness Social Service Trust (NGO)

Educational Services

Educational Services

  1. To other Scholarships to students from state and central Government.
  2. To find out drop-out students and advise them to continue their studies.
  3. To find out child labour and arrange them to continue their studies in school.
  4. To make arrangement of students to join in Boarding and Residential Hostel of Girls Adi Dravidar and Backward classes hostels.
  5. Help to join vocational colleges those who studied 10th and 12th
  6. Help to get community, Nationality, Income and Aaadhar Certificate to students.
  7. Help to know the details of educational Scholarship to students.
  8. Help to get free passes to students of disabled and physically challenged.
  9. To make the awareness of right of compulsory Education system, consumer protection act and free legal aids.
  10. Awareness and Training to give Rain Harvesting Scheme, Tree Planting and Environmental Problems.
  11. Conducting camps and Rallies and Awareness for Road Safety measures importance of wearing helmets and importance of Government functions.
  12. Joining free seats of Engineering Arts and Science College of economically backward students.
Environmental Awareness camps and services
  1. Conducting Environmental Day to know more about clean air, water and clean land and atmosphere.
  2. Creating clean food and nutrition food to all people.
  3. Conducting camps about clean water and free from water pollution.
  4. Steps to be taken to eradicate tobacco using people and avoid from diseases like cancer.
  5. Steps to be taken to provide good sanitation through Rallies, Meetings and camps.
  6. Conservation of nature as it was and preserve green landscape.
  7. Steps to be taken to avoid abnormal sound pollution.
  8. Maintain and preserve forest resources without any damage and stopping the deforestation.
  9. Steps to be taken to control population growth, which produce more carbon dioxide
  • Steps to be taken to maintain good toilet sanitation.
  • Steps to be taken to avoid further increase global warming.
  • Steps to be taken tax during nature calamities to avoid human loss by necessary disaster management.
  • Awareness are to be provide for educating importance of Environmental Education.
  • Preserving and conservation of wonders of nature, which have given by god.
  • Steps to be taken to avoid further concentration of carbon in the atmosphere to make the globe further massing of temperature in future, otherwise which lead dangerous to living things over the Earth.
Social Activities
  1. Hostels to be started for destitute children.
  2. Visit old age homes and solace the inmates with affection and knowing their problems to solve at once.
  3. Visit leprosy homes and help them to solve their needs and guide them to lead better life.
  4. Mass cleaning to be done in Government Offices, Bus stands and Govt Hospitals.
  5. Issuing Identity card to physically disabled persons and also free passes to buses to travel.
  6. During festival season various awareness camps and programmes to be conducted.
  7. Walking sticks to be provided to totally blind poor persons and many more activities like this to be done to poor people.
Medical Services


  1. Camps to be organized by medical high officials to find solution for diabetes.
  2. Conducting free medical camps.
  3. Pamphlets distributed to public about eradication of Aids.
  4. Special camps to be conducted for curing joint pain, Hands and Leg pain, Pinal guard pain and hip pain.
  5. Arrangements are to be made free available of polio drops to the children during special camp days.
  6. Steps to the taken to cure Tuberculosis and follow up actions to be taken to provide medicine.
  7. Guide the pregnant women to take injection to avoid infection and help during delivery period.
  8. Conducting free eye camps.
  9. Approaching voluntary Organization and make arrangements to provide free blood donation.
  • Conducting awareness camps among public about the importance free blood donation.
Development Activities
  1. Helping to start small industries and small business to economically poor women.
  2. To provide free sewing machine and training to poor women, widows and destitute widows and guide them to develop their economic status.
  3. To make women to know the importance of savings of money in different methods to uplift their economic status in the society and to run their family smoothly.
  4. To provide free legal aid to women to know more details about family problems, husband and wife problems etc and take them to the free legal aid committee.
  5. Guide and help to be provided to women in all their developments to start small industries to boost their Economic conditions.

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