Upcoming Environment Awareness Activities

  1. Conducting Environmental Day to know more about clean air, water and clean land and atmosphere.
  2. Creating clean food and nutrition food to all people.
  3. Conducting camps about clean water and free from water pollution.
  4. Steps to be taken to eradicate tobacco using people and avoid from diseases like cancer.
  5. Steps to be taken to provide good sanitation through Rallies, Meetings and camps.
  6. Conservation of nature as it was and preserve green landscape.
  7. Steps to be taken to avoid abnormal sound pollution.
  8. Maintain and preserve forest resources without any damage and stopping the deforestation.
  9. Steps to be taken to control population growth, which produce more carbon dioxide
  • Steps to be taken to maintain good toilet sanitation.
  • Steps to be taken to avoid further increase global warming.
  • Steps to be taken tax during nature calamities to avoid human loss by necessary disaster management.
  • Awareness are to be provide for educating importance of Environmental Education.
  • Preserving and conservation of wonders of nature, which have given by god.
  • Steps to be taken to avoid further concentration of carbon in the atmosphere to make the globe further massing of temperature in future, otherwise which lead dangerous to living things over the Earth.