Our Trust Activities

Trust Activities by Mr.S.Thangaraj

Inauguration of Our Trust

Mass Cleaning @ Government Hospital, Sathyamangalam

Challenges and Life Security Awareness

Among inmates about their challenges and life security and served food government Rehabilation home @ Vinnapalli, Sathyamangalam Taluk

Educational Aids

Like pen, books, note books etc., more distributed to hill tribal school at Ukkimiam at kadambur Hills for Government Primary School on 03-02-2017

Leadership Quality

Training Programme was organised among college students at Kamadhenu Arts and Science College, Sathyamangalam on 25-02-2017

Life Skill

Life Skill Education was given to 9th Students of Munical High School, Sathyamangalam on 28-09-2017

Tamil Illakkia Mandram

Training given to students on Tamil Illakkia Mandram at Naranasamy Matriculation School on 25-07-2017

No Oil – No Boil

Training on No-oil and No-Boil with vegetables and Natural Food prepared and served to 60 members and demonstrated by Mr.Padayal Sivakumar, at PV Lodge, Sathyamangalam on 30-07-2017

Free Arthritis Medical Camp

Free Arthritis Medical Camp on 03-09-2017 at Munical High School, Sathyamangalam

Planting 300 saplings

Planned to Plant 300 saplings in sathyamangalam municipality Tank Area on 08-11-2017 with help of Municipality and Forest Department

Natural Food

Training Programme on preparation on Natural Food to the Pharmacy Student of Mahathma College of Pharmacy, Sathyamangalam on 23-10-2017

Terrace Gardening

Free Training Camp to setup Terrace Gardening.